Top Tips to Help you Select the Perfect Blazer

1. Focus on Fit: Look for a blazer that fits well across the shoulders and chest without pulling or stretching. The jacket should lay flat against your body without any visible wrinkles or bulges, and the sleeves should hit at the wrist bone when your arms are at your sides.

2. Opt for Tailored Styles: Choose blazers with structured shoulders and a defined waist to create a streamlined silhouette. Tailored styles help to accentuate your shape and create a polished look, while also providing room for movement and comfort.

3. Consider Length: Pay attention to the length of the blazer, as it can impact the overall proportion and balance of your outfit. Ideally, the blazer should end just below the hip bone for a flattering look. Avoid jackets that are too long, as they can overwhelm your frame, or too short, as they can make you appear boxy.

4. Choose Dark Colours: Dark-coloured blazers, such as navy, charcoal, or black, are universally flattering and versatile. These colours help to create a slimming effect and can be easily paired with a variety of shirts and pants for different occasions.

5. Look for Stretch Fabrics: Opt for blazers made from fabrics with a bit of  stretch, such as wool blend or cotton blend, for added comfort and ease of movement. Stretch fabrics ensure that the blazer moulds to your body without feeling restrictive, allowing you to move with confidence.

6. Pay Attention to Details: Consider details such as lapel width, button placement, and pocket styles when choosing a blazer. Slim lapels and higher button stances can elongate the torso, while flap pockets or welt pockets add visual interest without adding bulk.

7. Try Before You Buy: Always try on blazers before making a purchase to ensure the fit and style are flattering for your body type. Take the time to move around and assess how the blazer feels and looks from all angles, and don’t hesitate to ask for alterations if needed.

By following these tips, you can confidently choose the perfect blazer that fits well, flatters your figure, and elevates your style as a plus-size man.


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